Founded in 1989 in Minneapolis by designers Lisa Schwartz and Doug Powell, Schwartz Powell has combined smart business strategy and refined visual communications to help more than 130 businesses and organizations achieve their goals of growth and success. While the heritage of our business lies in branding and communication design—and will always be defined by creative excellence—our work has shifted in the last decade toward design with a strong focus on the patient experience in the health and wellness sector. Schwartz Powell has emerged as a leader in a new movement that combines clear strategic thinking with human-centered design methodology to address complex problems in a fresh way.

A key component of this new kind of design is working effectively in a multi-disciplinary collaborative setting. Many creative businesses say they are open to collaboration but few can say they are experts in it, and over the course of our twenty year history we have honed our skills of team-building and project leadership with consistent and exceptional results for a wide range of projects. We tap into a deep network of collaborative partners to meet the needs of specific projects.